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Thesis on Capital Structure - 26846 Words

CAPITAL STRUCTURE MANAGEMENT IN NEPAL (A CASE STUDY ON NABIL, NIBL, NEA, NTC HGICL) Table of Contents: Recommendation I Viva- Voce Sheet II Declaration III Acknowledgement IV List of Figures V List of Tables VI Abbreviation VII CHAPTER I. INTRODUCTION Pg No. 1. Background of the study 1 2. History of bank 5 3. Growth of industries in Nepal 5 4. Statement of problem 7 5. Objectives of the study 8 6. Significance of the†¦show more content†¦Environment encouraging the industrial growth is missing in the picture. The manufacturing sector in Nepal is small contributing 8% of its share to the total G.D.P. It consists mainly of small industries. Capital goods industries are few in number. Most of the sectors manufacture food even though the structure is changing. This sector consists of five sub-sectors namely a. Food, Beverage and Tobacco b. Textile and garment c. Chemical d. Mechanical Engineering e. Electrical and Electronics The production growth has been sig nificant in paper, food, footwear, iron and steel, beverage and chemical industries. Fund is the most important criteria to operate any kind of business or organization. It can be raised by two sources i.e. Equity Capital and Debt Capital. These two sources of capital comprise the total capital structure. Capital Structure refers to the composition of all source and amount of funds collected to use or invest in business. In other words Capital structure refers to the capital and long-term liabilities of balance sheet. Therefore, it includes shareholder’s fund and long term loans. It is different from financial structure as financial structure includes both long term and short term source of financing while capital structure includes only long term source of financing. Thus, a firm’s capital structure is only a part of its financial structure.Show MoreRelatedThesis on Capital Structure26836 Words   |  108 PagesCAPITAL STRUCTURE MANAGEMENT IN NEPAL (A CASE STUDY ON NABIL, NIBL, NEA, NTC HGICL) Table of Contents: Recommendation I Viva- Voce Sheet II Declaration III Acknowledgement IV List of Figures V List of Tables VI Abbreviation VII CHAPTER I. INTRODUCTION Pg No. 1. Background of the study Read MoreManagement Activity Analysis in Small and Medium Sized Enterprise and Multinational Companies Context 1658 Words   |  7 Pagesthe value addition and exports for big industrial establishments. The strongest arguments favoring SME’s are that they provide higher resource distribution from societal point of view, because they are the open source of more employment at smaller capital cost as compared to large enterprises. According to Pakistan Ministry of Labor, there will be an addition of approximately 16 million persons in labor force at the end of 2008. To deploy these new entrants it needs Rs. 5.2 trillion in large scaleRead MoreSocial Capital As A Theoretical Foundation886 Words   |  4 PagesSocial capital is a widely used theoretical concept to understand how social structures are formed and utilised by people embedded within that particular structure. The resea rch undertaken for this thesis has used social capital as a theoretical foundation as well as a practical methodological tool for furthering the research aims. By using social capital theories, a better understanding of the effects of land demarcation and grabbing will be reached, and the outcomes relating to conflict and cooperationRead MoreFactors That Influence Immigrant Decision1633 Words   |  7 PagesMy thesis is based on the research question â€Å"What factors influence immigrant decision to become self-employed and the differences in their business approach? I have prepared my research paper by the purpose of findings the factors that affect ethnic/immigrant entrepreneurs’ business startup. Business startup is an intensive and challenging process. To recognize and be aware of the factors, which can force an immigrant or attract them to become self-employed are important determining factors forRead MoreNature s Metropolis, Chicago And The Great West1095 Words   |   5 Pagesnature or what humans made from natural resources) it was encompassed by the city and countryside being linked together as one and relying on each other for subsistence and growth. A paramount benefaction by Cronon’s thesis is the contradiction of Fredrick Jackson’s Frontier Thesis. Cronon’s environmental technique produces a distinct view concerning everybody’s connection with the environment, in which the environment influences human behavior; and how human proceedings impacts the environment asRead MoreCapital Budgeting Essay1391 Words   |  6 PagesCapital Budgeting Essay (Derived from Chapter 17: Long-Term Investment Analysis) Title: The Lorie-Savage Problem BUS 505 – Multinational Economics of Technology Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction – Lorie-Savage Problem 3 1.1 Thesis Statement 3 2.0 Supporting Research 4 3.0 Conclusions and Recommendations 6 References 7 1.0 Introduction – Lorie-Savage Problem The Lorie-Savage problem is a problem introduced in 1955 that addresses the issue in how to allocate capital (or resources)Read MoreThe Growth of Chinas Economy Essay1009 Words   |  5 Pagesrecognize the influence of the Renminbi. 2008 financial crisis caused severe trauma on the world economy, although the economy of China grew moderately, China s financial system is very fragile, the financial laws and regulations are deficient, the structure of foreign change reserve is very risky, because China has huge foreign exchange reserve of US dollar, which makes China also suffer from the financial crisis. Financial crisis is caused by the American subprime mortgage, to combat the financialRead MoreThe Financial Structure Of The Venture Capital Industry1131 Words   |  5 Pages The venture capital industry is reaching an inflection point as the industry approaches maturity. One aspect of this maturation is a significant decrease in the number of companies undertaking initial public offerings (IPO). Scott Kupor at Andressen Horowitz noted in a June 2017 blog post noted that companies not going public means fewer jobs are being created and all the value created by these new companies is being captured by venture ca pitalists and company-insiders. This ultimately affects investorsRead MoreThe Life Of Luxury Tourism And The Political Economy Dominated By Those With Power995 Words   |  4 PagesGregory explains about the theme of â€Å"Luxury Tourism and the political economy dominated by those with power.† The purpose of this chapter is to provide discussion on the hiring of the natives in the Dominican Republic. The thesis of the chapter is to explain how the riff-raff are arising from the problem of the luxury tourism having little contribution to the local economies. The key to the analysis of Gregory of this situation is his concept of citizenship as a technology of power that empowersRead MoreCapital Structure Of A Firm1670 Words   |  7 PagesThe capital structure of a firm describes the way in which a firm raised capital needed to establish and expand its business activities. It is a mixture of various types of equity and debt capital a firm maintained resulting from the firms financing decisions. In one way or another, business activity must be financed. Without finance to support their fixed assets and working capital requirements, business could not exist. In all aspects of capital investment decision, the capital structure decision

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