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Did Homers Trojan War Exist - 1753 Words

The Trojan War, the event depicted in Homers Iliad, was the most popular subject in Greek drama and told its story elaborately to next generations. According to Homer, the war started because Helen, the most beautiful Greek woman and wife of a Greek king, Menelaus, decided to leave her husband and ran away with a Trojan Prince, Paris. This angered the Greeks so they sailed to Troy and fought for Helens return. As the war continued on, the Greeks were forced to plan a new strategy to attack Troy since the city had very strong walls and the Greeks began to realize they were unable to defeat the Trojans. The plan was to build a huge, hollow, wooden horse that was filled with Greeks soldiers. It led the Trojans to believe that the horse was†¦show more content†¦This type of well-built walls should be the same as the one described in the Iliad as very strong and could not easily be destroyed by the Greeks. This, according to Homer, was the reason why the Greeks had to come up wit h the wooden horse plan in order to defeat The Trojan. Therefore, it proves that Homers story could possibly be true. In addition to the city ruins, ancient artifacts such as weapons and armor, Hittite clay tablets, and ancient pottery could also be evidence to prove the existence of Troy and The Trojan War. Weapons and armor believed to be from the Bronze Age, the time when the Trojan War occur, have been discovered at Greece and during the excavation of Troy VI and Troy Vlla. Moreover, an arrowhead believed to be used by an invader was found west of the main street in Troy. Also, a vase, approximately 3200 years old, showing Mycenaean warriors who with helmets like the ones described in Homers Iliad was discovered. There is also evidence of a great deal of sling bullets. This implies that the city was defeated by an attacker for those who have successfully defended their city would have gathered the sling bullets and put them away, but a defeater would have done nothing with them. As for the ancient pottery found in Troy VI, it was beautiful Mycenaean pottery which is an indicator that trade between trade between Troy and Mycenae had taken place. On the other hand, no imported pots were discovered in the artifactsShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Homer s Iliad, Heroism801 Words   |  4 Pages​In Homer’s Iliad, heroism plays a major role in the two idols the reader will side with; Achilles or Hector. Society’s image of a hero demands for an altruistic, strong, and compassionate figure, but Homer refutes this idea of a hero. Homer’s Iliad demonstrates that in a realistic society, there is no such thing as a complete hero, and that true heroism does not exist. ​Achilles, the Achaean trophy soldier, was the creation of a mortal named Paleus and of a Goddess named Thetis. Because of his immortalityRead MoreTrojan War in Homer ´s The Iliad868 Words   |  4 Pages Homer’s Heroes The epic poem called The Iliad written by Homer concerns the Trojan War. It shows Trojan and Achaean warriors’ courage, bravery and their attempt to become the best fighter to get fame, glory, and honor. The heroes in The Iliad follow Homer’s heroic code, striving for excellence. Hector and Achilles’ strength comes from their desire for fame, glory, honor and their acceptance of fate. These qualities are considered to be characteristics of Homer’s heroic code. However, the actionsRead MoreFree Will : Ancient Literature1536 Words   |  7 Pagesstates that human life is pre-determined by such forces as gods, fate or destiny† (Cross Reference Project, 2015). The concept of free will versus fate is a prominent theme in much of literature especially those of the ancient West. Stories such as Homer’s Iliad and the Odyssey as well as Virgil’s Aeneid helped pave the way for literature to inspire society to evolve and provide us with depiction s of characters who had the ability to freely choose actions and struggle with their consequences versusRead More The Gods in Homers The Iliad and The Odyssey Essay1393 Words   |  6 PagesThe Gods in Homers The Iliad and The Odyssey The stories told in the Iliad and Odyssey are based on stories handed down over several generations, for they preserve (as we have seen) memories of an already quiet far distant past. The two pomes show clear connection in their language and style, in the manner in which their incidents presented, and in the combination of agreement with level, which distinguish their creation. The work was written by one author but gave two diverse views on theRead MoreExistentialism And Akhilleus : State Of Affairs1182 Words   |  5 PagesExistentialism and Akhilleus’ State of Affairs in Homer’s Iliad Existentialism is a philosophy that deals with human existence. This philosophy is a complex subject that asks questions about life that include meaning, purpose, choice, morality, ideology, and individuality. When reading other texts one could easily make connections to existential themes within the book’s literary tropes. Occasionally, some books have an overloaded abundance of existential themes. Homer’s Iliad is one of the books that compriseRead MoreThe Trojan War : Is The Oldest Record Many Historians?1845 Words   |  8 PagesThe Trojan War is a topic that comes with many discussions, questions, and beliefs that many people even today are looking into. The Iliad, created by Homer, is the oldest record many Historians use to start their research on the Trojan War. Unfortunately, his version of the Trojan War was made 480 years after it occurred, which leaves many people to question if Homer’s story was true or not. In today’s times we still may not have all the answers of the Trojan War but we do have evidence and possibilitiesRead More Comparing the Role of the Noble Lie in the Iliad and the Republic1195 Words   |  5 Pageshis republic. However, when the noble lie is translated to actual cities, or presented in a realistic way in literature, we see how it does not live up to its expectation. To introduce a noble lie to the Iliad would require thinking as a Trojan or Achaean would: believing in the supreme-power of immortals and predetermined fate. For the two warring sides to achieve peace, a lie undermining the power the immortals hold over the mortals would need to be introduced. The core of the lie isRead MoreEssay on Was Troy The Movie Accurate According To Homer?1791 Words   |  8 PagesWas Troy the Movie Accurate According to Homer? Did the movie Troy, released in 2004, accurately depict the story of Homers epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey, and was it a good movie from a critical point of view? I think it was a good movie from an entertainment standpoint, but it fell short in its comparison to Homers epics. As a fan of epic movies, I have watched the movie Troy a couple of times. In comparing the movie to the epic, there are various discrepancies betweenRead More Troy, Truth in the Myth? Essay example1962 Words   |  8 PagesBC while on route east to conquer Asia, came to Troy looking for the city immortalized in Homers Iliad. Presently, archaeologists visit Hisarlik, a site in northwest Turkey, as it is believed to be the location of the ancient city. Alexander must have been puzzled when he had arrived in Ilion, the name of the city at the time of his visit. Ilion was a small colony founded centuries after the Trojan War supposedly took place; Alexander and his men must have had a similar reaction to what theyRead More The Role of Women in the Odyssey Essay1212 Words   |  5 Pagestraits and perform certain tasks that men demanded of them. Does Homers writing in The Odyssey support or refute the common belief of his time regarding women? Homer endorsed the dominating belief of his time concerning women by treating the female characters unequally and differently compared to the male characters in The Ody ssey. By examining the women of The Odyssey one comes to one conclusion about women in Homers epic. Homers male characters in The Odyssey consistently treated women differently

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