Sunday, February 23, 2020

Write a description of who you are Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Write a description of who you are - Essay Example A person’s essence of being could come outstandingly or could just be ignored depending on how a person values it and how he lives his own life. Maybe the best questions to ask would be: Are you going to live only for yourself and your family? Or are you bound to go out and outreach for many to become their leader or a role model for a good cause? Or do both? If I choose from any of these goals, then I must cut out a plan and have a mindset gradually moving my life towards the chosen direction. So is one’s essence of being important in knowing a person? To know someone deeply may not come easily. It may take years or ages of conjoined common experiences to know somebody. Hence, whatever approach or how much information you need to know about me or any individual, will depend on how much you want to know or learn about the person. In my opinion, how you live your life will already manifest the character and personality or the person you are now. This goes to say know the person by the way he lives his life. So at this point in time, it is my concern at my age to do the best I can make out of my life, grabbing all the experiences and opportunities that may come my way to enrich and have a fulfilling life later. It does not have to be living in silver platter, a struggle for survival or do a heroic political struggle. Personally, I would say if you are presently happy and you made a lot of other people happy, then that is already a good sign that you are curbing a positive path of your life. Knowing someone usually starts with a conversation. But when conversation is not an option, writing can be a good alternative. So here imagine that I am virtually in front of you smiling and looking at you directly in the eye, showing confidence that what I have written here will interest you more to read on further about my being an encapsulated person. â€Å"Hello, I am

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